Singing Honeyeater – Species Spotlight

Singing Honeyeater: Lichenostomus virescens

Singing Honeyeater

General Information

Singing honeyeaters are small birds that inhabit most of mainland Australia, except for the east coast, and the most northern sections of the Northern Territory. They can be found in a variety of different types of bushland, as well as around semi-urban and urban areas. They are omnivores that eat insects, nectar and fruits (or the juice of fruits).

A Potentially Misleading Name

Although the bird is named the singing honeyeater, its calls are not significantly more song-like than other honeyeaters. The bird has also been referred to as the black-faced honeyeater, because of the black band accross the eye-level of their face.


The singing honeyeater is not considered to be a threatened species.


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