Migration, Emmigration & Immigration

What is Migration?

Migration is the movement of animals from one place to another. Some species periodically migrate between locations based on seasonal or day-length changes. But, migration can also refer to the movement of individuals regarding populations and other defined areas.

Migration is a two-direction process with animals leaving and entering an area or population. These two directions are indicated with the words emigration and immigration.


Emigration is the outward-bound migration of animals, or animals leaving the defined area/population.


Immigration is the inward-bound migration of animals, or animals entering the defined area/population.


Why is Migration Relevant to Conservation?

Migration is relevant to conservation on the individual level, as it effects population dynamics which could be monitored with threatened species to assess if aid is required to ensure stable populations.

Migration is also relevant on a species level because, particularly if the species migrates periodically with seasons, it may regularly reside in multiple countries, which can effect the diplomacy of conserving the species as international cooperation and protection may be required.


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