About RUN Wildlife

Research, Understand, Network: Conservation and Wildlife

The aim of RUN Wildlife is to inform the world about conservation and the beauty of nature, one person at a time. I believe that through wide-spread research and understanding, by providing information about conservation and nature for all, and networking to share such information, we can more efficiently conserve and protect our planet and our wildlife.

RUN Wildlife is still very new, having only started on the 21st of March, 2016. It is my first site of any kind, but hopefully everything will go well and the site will grow and be informative to many people. It would be amazing if the site could flourish to reach its full potential and inspire people to promote conservation, primarily through the sharing of information.

The Content

I will be posting a variety of different content, which will be put into categories. So far there are 2 categories, but as the site grows I will add more. I have started the site with simple concepts and some species spotlights. When there is more of an audience I hope to discuss more complex issues related to conservation.

Current Categories:

Conservation Concepts: Simple concepts and definitions related to conservation, can be used as a reference for other posts.

Species Spotlights: Posts focusing on a species of interest, to draw attention to the biodiversity and beauty of nature and its wildlife.



All photographs on the site have been created by me, unless otherwise specified 🙂



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