Day 2 – The Restructure

Some of you who found the site yesterday will note that the name has been changed a bit, but the content will be the same and the site still has the same purpose. I’ve also been playing with themes and formatting to make the site look better. I hope that you like the changes! Content will begin today! ๐Ÿ˜€


A Brief Introduction to RUN Wildlife

The Aim of RUN Wildlife

The aim of RUN Wildlife is to inform the world about conservation and the beauty of nature, one person at a time. Discussion of the many issues that fall under the umbrella of conservation is also highly encouraged as there are many different points of view when it comes to these issues. Through RUN Wildlife I will attempt to draw attention to and discuss conservation research and news, as well as general topics and ideas relating to conservation. I also hope to highlight some of our worldโ€™s interesting species and provide pictures, videos and other interesting material. Research gives us information. Understanding allows us to build our knowledge to find solutions and implement them. I believe that through wide-spread research and understanding, by providing information about conservation and nature for all, and networking to share such information, we can more efficiently conserve and protect our planet and our wildlife.

About the Person Behind RUN Wildlife

I am a resident of Perth, Western Australia. Our south-west corner of Australia is a biodiversity hot-spot so we have a lot of interesting locals. I’ve always had an interest in animals, which has expanded to pretty much all organisms now. As far as qualifications are concerned, I’ve completed a bachelor of science degree, majoring in Zoology and Conservation Biology. I am also a volunteer at a Kanyana Wildlife hospital.
My favourite plant would have to be strawberry plants. I do like a lot of plants, but I really like strawberries (one of the best things about gardening is the free food!)
As for my favourite animal…that’s a tough question… perhaps a Tawny Frogmouth ๐Ÿ™‚

An Ending Note To My Intro

RUN Wildlife begins today, and I know it will take a while to grow. I hope many people find the posts informative and that they may feel inclined to share this site and relevant posts. It would be amazing if the site could flourish to reach its full potential and inspire people to promote conservation, primarily through the sharing of information.