I’m Back!

I’ve been a bit unwell for the past few weeks. But, I’ve had some rest and am feeling much better now. I shall be resuming normal posting as of tomorrow! 😀


Thank you! :)


I wanted to write a thank you post to celebrate my first set of milestones that some wonderful people (followers and other readers) have helped me to reach 🙂

I’ve written more than 20 posts now, I’ve recieved 20 likes, and I now have 10 followers on the blog!

I have also recently started a Twitter account to get more attention to the blog content. This seems to be going well with 13 followers so far! (My twitter is: @RUNwildlifeblog, there is a link on my sidebar)

I hope that you will keep supporting the blog as it grows, and feel free to drop a comment anywhere (I haven’t had any comments on the content yet, but I would be keen to hear what you think!)

Thank you all for liking my blog. You are awesome! 😀