Conservation Concepts

What is Conservation Concepts?

The idea behind Conservation Concepts is to create simple, informative posts about various concepts that relate to conservation. Many of these posts will include definitions of terms related to conservation, as well as some examples and other, hopefully interesting, information. As my database of Conservation Concepts grows I will hopefully be able to add in links to and from other posts to aid in the understanding of content for a wider audience.

These posts will start with simple concepts, and branch out into more specific areas (phylogeny, zoology, botany etc.), as I hope for the blog to be accessible and understandable to people at a variety of education levels, whether you are a high-school student, a person who is only just starting to find an interest in conservation, or even a high-level university graduate in a related field.

I’ve been writing these in a slightly random order, so if there is something in particular you would like to be added sooner feel free to comment at the bottom of this page.

Below I’ll organise the concepts into subcategories to make it easier to learn or find the information you are looking for 🙂

The Basics

A variety of sciences/areas of study that you may or may not be aware of (there are more than you may think!)





Ecosystem services

Endemic species

In-situ and Ex-situ Conservation

Keystone Species

Migration, Immigration and Emigration

Producers, Consumers, Decomposers and Detritivores


About phylogeny